True Leadership Is Servant Leadership

The definition of leadership has little to do with authority, power, or control. Instead it is about investing in others, leading by example, and putting the needs of others above your own. At Credera, leadership is not defined by a title or position. Regardless of their level, we expect every employee—from administrator to partner—to lead well.  That means serving one another, our clients, and our community with humility, integrity, and excellence. We intentionally hire and
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mountain lake

Lead People by Serving Them

As a college student I had no idea what leadership looked like. I never gave it much thought. But in the summer of 1995, while working for a sports camp in Missouri, I would find out. That lesson has shaped what Credera is today. We arrived at camp to find fallen retaining walls, dirty cabins and washed out trails. Winter had taken its toll. Our job as counselors was to spend the first two weeks
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