People and nature. Silhouettes of two people on Pulpit Rock Preikestolen, Norway.

When To Get Help In Conflict

My business partner, Rob, and I had some days when we weren’t at our best as leaders at Credera. We both had the success of the company in mind, but we were approaching it in different ways with different ideas and it strained our relationship. There have been five or six “company ending” conversations we’ve had over the past decade. Essentially we’d come to an impasse and say something like, “I can’t work with this
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When Iron Sharpens Iron—Sparks Fly (And That’s Okay)

Conflict is something people tend to avoid at all costs. It’s uncomfortable and difficult. It’s takes time to resolve and typically feels counter-productive. The truth is, we cannot run from conflict. It’s inevitable. In a recent blog post, Matt Levy wrote, “Conflict has nearly torn our company apart. Learning to embrace it has made us the company we are today.” Conflict may be uncomfortable, but it is not always bad. When handled in a healthy way,
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Carrie Freeman Parsons

Freeman’s Vice Chairman on Core Values, Change, and Conflict Management

Just a few days after Freeman’s annual leadership summit, Credera’s Matt Levy and I met with Carrie Freeman Parsons, vice chair of The Freeman Company. This year, a significant portion of their two-and-a-half-day summit focused on discussing Freeman’s core values.  Parsons’ leadership team works diligently to align behaviors and measurement against those values. The meetings were “the catalyst for us to more effectively operationalize our values and culture,” says Parsons. Parsons was excited to share
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confronting conflict

Confronting Conflict

When Rob and I began to work through a conflict it felt like we were getting ready to rumble. You could almost hear the echoing voice of the announcer. As our early clashes proved, that’s not a healthy way to confront the issues. Learn to Assume the Best At times, Rob and I assumed the worst about one another, not the best. As one of our other partners at Credera, David Dobat, has said, “In
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Forging Unity

Successful leadership requires unity. When leaders are united, the results are amazing, but this doesn’t happen without hard work. Unity is developed over time by demonstrating consistent trustworthy behavior. When roadblocks arise that threaten the unity of a team, it is critical to address the issues. We’ve learned this lesson countless times. It is much easier to maintain unity when we do not allow conflict to fester or issues to build up. We must be
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Conflict is Opportunity

Conflict has nearly torn our company apart. Learning to embrace it has made us the company we are today. It’s the most challenging and rewarding thing we’ve ever done at Credera. I’m exploring conflict and how it can be an asset to every company. It’s not an easy path, but it’s been a valuable one for Credera. Hello Conflict Conflict erupted early on between Rob Borrego and I. We started working together in 2004 when
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