Invest in Friendships

At Credera, the principle of genuine friendship is woven into the fabric of our firm’s culture. We believe it is our job to help our friends. This includes our clients, our colleagues and people in our community.

“When you forget about trying to sell something to someone and instead just try to help them, you actually provide much deeper value,” says Trent Sutton, Vice President, Credera.

Credera creates natural pathways for employees to build strong relationships. By the very nature of our work friendships between coworkers form as employees work together on challenging projects. Real relational equity is built through investing time together.

In addition, Credera offers fun, regularly scheduled company-wide events like our annual Christmas Party, Night at the Ballpark, a management team retreat to the Four Seasons, monthly happy hours, team building events (cooking competitions, Top Golf tournaments, etc.). These are great opportunities to spend time together, but if you ask anyone at Credera they will tell you our company trip surpasses them all.

Each year we meet our financial goals we take an all-expenses-paid company trip (spouses included)! In previous years we have gone to the Mexican Riviera, The Bahamas, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco; this year we spent a long weekend enjoying New Orleans! These trips are valuable investments in the culture of our firm. Countless memories and bonds have been built during these vacations together.

“The ROI of a trip like this does not work itself out cleanly on a spreadsheet,” says Rob Borrego, President and CEO, Credera. “However, we believe time away together as a Credera family is priceless. The investments we make are written on our hearts and become part of the Credera DNA for years to come.”

In the end, a strong friendship among colleagues allows us to build better and more effective relationships with our clients.

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