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Give Generously

I love the generous nature of people at Credera. Our people are givers. It’s a big deal and it’s part of our culture. If you have never worked around givers this might not make sense to you. You might think we’re delusional.

To us generosity means the investment of time, talent and resources into the lives of others. This could be an investment in a colleague, a client or a community organization. It’s looking beyond yourself.

The Stories

Andrew has been investing his free time in a local Dallas community organization serving the physically challenged. He helps them with a variety of tasks, he encourages them and most importantly he is available as a friend. Andrew came into my office the other day with tears in his eyes and asked if he could give me a hug. I leapt to my feet and gave him the biggest big bear hug I could muster. You see, Andrew knows how much we love that he is a giver. If we can affirm his contribution by supporting something he is passionate in, why wouldn’t we? It’s changing his life. Andrew is an encouragement to everyone who knows him.

Rick spent two weekends in December helping a client transition to a new technology platform. He missed our office Christmas party to help a client. But Rick’s not some workaholic. He bought his wife season tickets to the Dallas Stars because she loves sports and they go to every game together. Rick is just an incredible giver.

The other day Chris was telling me about how he helped a client fix a technical problem. They’d been working on it for two weeks. It took Chris five minutes. They asked what it would cost and Chris didn’t charge them. I could see the fulfillment in his face as he told the story. Chris also runs our internal Credera University program in his spare time. Chris simply invests in everyone around him.

There are so many stories like this here at Credera. Our people just give. I love that so much.

What’s the Impact?

How can we describe the impact of people like Andrew, Rick and Chris? I can tell you the difference it makes for my kids. During supper I’m able to tell them stories about the amazing people I want my kids to be like when they grow up. Giving them examples of great role models to emulate is amazing. But if I spent every meal telling my family about some yahoo who drives everyone at the office crazy I wouldn’t be giving my kids anything to aspire to. How do you quantify something like this? You can’t. It’s subjective, but valuable and ridiculously helpful.

I don’t think we can truly understand the impact of this kind of generosity in our lifetime. I don’t know how to measure it, but I am convinced it is good. Do you want to see raw, unfiltered joy? Watch someone give without any expectation of anything in return. Watch their face. Check out their body language. Look at the skip in their step. The only thing better than seeing someone give is to do it yourself.

Give It a Try

What do we all desire? Peace, contentment, joy, love, etc. I see these characteristics most often in people who are giving to others without condition. It’s amazing to me how often we see this in our coworkers as they are doing their jobs. I hope you have a job like this. One where you can give and enjoy the process of helping others without some condition placed on your contribution.

It is so freeing to give without the expectation of anything in return. We miss the joy of giving if we expect something back. The joy is in the gift, not in the return.

Look for the opportunity to give selflessly today. Test it and see what happens in your heart. The heart is to give. To contribute. To make a positive lasting impression in the world. It is an amazing and tremendous encouragement to work around a great group of givers!

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