EnLink Gives ‘More Life’ to Employees

Barry Davis_Edited_WebsiteThe EnLink Midstream family lives at the corner of Cedar Springs and Fairmount in Dallas. EnLink’s home is humble enough: seven stories of concrete and glass, with windows wrapping the building on each floor, offering the entire office a 360-degree view of life in Uptown Dallas. It’s a beautiful urban scene – but it’s the relationships created within that make the headquarters a home.

“We are constantly reminded that everything good we’ve ever done came out of a relationship,” says Barry E. Davis, President and CEO of EnLink Midstream.

There is no better example of this relationship-focused culture than the recent merger of Davis’ former company, Crosstex Energy, with the midstream division of Devon Energy. Together, they created EnLink Midstream, a midstream energy services company.

The merger was a direct result of Davis’ and Devon CEO John Richels’ long-standing and mutually respectful relationship.

“Over the years we continued to affirm that we are very like-minded, and our values are well-aligned,” says Barry. “For both of us, it all starts with caring about people first.”

In a Dallas Morning News article by Cheryl Hall, Richels was quoted echoing Davis’ sentiment: “It always struck me that many of the values that we think are important and make up our culture at Devon are things that Barry thinks are important and make up the Crosstex (now EnLink) culture.”

Undoubtedly, the close alignment of values was a major factor contributing to the successful launch of EnLink in the spring of 2014.

“Sometimes an opportunity comes along that is so big, it has the opportunity to completely change the playing field,” said Davis. “This is exactly the type of opportunity we created with this merger – one of the largest, best positioned midstream companies in the business.

“The transition has gone extremely well. Even in the spots where we had overlap, the stories of trust and unity are exactly what you would hope for. We haven’t had to waste time on unnecessary conflict. We have simply gone after the work.”

More Life

Since its inception, the mission of Crosstex Energy, and now EnLink Midstream, has focused on the concept of “more life.” It has always been Davis’ goal to improve the quality of life for his employees. Today that philosophy adorns EnLink’s walls.

Colorful “More Life” boards line the halls outside each office, providing employees an opportunity to share what brings them joy in life outside of the office – family photos, inspirational quotes, wedding and birth announcements, hobbies, humor, etc.

“Our mission since day one has not only been to build energy infrastructure, it’s been about improving lives,” says Davis. “More life is not in a balance sheet—although a good balance sheet is certainly a part of it—‘more life’ is about people.”

And sometimes, the boards celebrate life in a different way.

In 2014, a veteran member of the EnLink family lost her college-aged son in a car accident, and the entire company felt the weight of it. More than 50 employees attended his funeral. Today the “More Life” board outside Davis’ office still displays a photo of the young man at a company event just weeks before his passing.

Caring for People

The concept of “more life” is also the reason behind the complementary lunch buffet served daily at EnLink’s headquarters. The tradition has been an integral part of the company’s culture since 2000 when employees set up a simple fold out table with a red checkered tablecloth and brought cold cuts from the local grocery store.

Today, the lunches have grown, but the result is still the same — a welcoming atmosphere full of old friends catching up and new acquaintances exploring what commonalities they share.

“Originally we made two rules for our lunch room,” says Davis who eats with the EnLink family at least once a week. “Employees have to stay and eat together, and they can’t talk about business while they are in the lunch room.”

Organic Nature of Culture

“I would say you can’t really create great culture,” says Davis. “But I believe you can enhance it.”

Referring to a quote by Zig Ziglar, Davis mentions that he lives by the principle, “You’ve got to ‘be’ before you can ‘do’ and ‘do’ before you can ‘have.’ ”

Davis believes the leaders of EnLink must exemplify the type of culture they hope to have. Culture cannot be cultivated; it must be modeled.

“A good culture is self-sustaining. People tend to opt out if they don’t fit in,” says Davis.

Servant leadership is a key part of EnLink’s unique culture, and Davis’ leadership team strives to enhance this characteristic by exemplifying humble, servant-hearted leadership daily. For example, each leadership team member is tasked with leading his or her team in a purposeful community service project each year. Last year, EnLink celebrated 100 percent in their “Give Big” community service program – a true testament to the company’s culture. Events ranged from a toy drive for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children to collecting canned goods for local food banks.

“When people think about the greatest leader they’ve ever worked with, they typically think about the leader who cared for them the most,” says Davis. “It all goes back to how well we care for people.”

For Davis, that type of leader is exemplified in John Richel — now EnLink’s chairman of the board.

“I love the balance of intentionality with caring, and the desire to be a winning team together,” says Davis. “There are moments that you talk to John, and you can tell he is totally focused on delivering results, and other times he is all about the individual.”

With the leadership of both Richel and Davis at the helm, EnLink is set up to further the legacy of a growing and great company. 

About EnLink MidstreamEnLink Logo

EnLink Midstream is a leading midstream provider formed through the combination of Crosstex Energy and substantially all of the U.S. midstream assets of Devon Energy. EnLink Midstream is publicly traded through two entities: EnLink Midstream, LLC (NYSE: ENLC), the publicly traded general partner entity, and EnLink Midstream Partners, LP (NYSE: ENLK), the master limited partnership.

EnLink Midstream’s assets are located in many of North America’s premier oil and gas regions, including the Barnett Shale, Permian Basin, Cana-Woodford Shale, Arkoma-Woodford Shale, Eagle Ford Shale, Haynesville Shale, Gulf Coast region, Utica Shale and Marcellus Shale. Based in Dallas, Texas, EnLink Midstream’s assets include approximately 8,800 miles of gathering and transportation pipelines, 13 processing plants with 3.4 billion cubic feet per day of net processing capacity, seven fractionators with 252,000 barrels per day of net fractionation capacity, as well as barge and rail terminals, product storage facilities, brine disposal wells, an extensive crude oil trucking fleet and equity investments in certain private midstream companies.

Additional information about the EnLink Midstream companies can be found at www.EnLink.com.

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