Silly partners

The Importance of Laughing Together

“A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower A few years ago, if someone were to mention the word “consultant,” the image of a stiff, buttoned-up professional with a type-A, ultra-serious personality would come to mind. Thankfully, in my experience of working with consultants, that stereotype has been shattered and replaced with a reality that is a lot more
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Invest in Friendships

At Credera, the principle of genuine friendship is woven into the fabric of our firm’s culture. We believe it is our job to help our friends. This includes our clients, our colleagues and people in our community. “When you forget about trying to sell something to someone and instead just try to help them, you actually provide much deeper value,” says Trent Sutton, Vice President, Credera. Credera creates natural pathways for employees to build strong
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Clients Are Friends

The idea that “it’s all about relationships” is something that extends past the four walls of our Credera offices. Not only do we believe it is critical to build strong relationships within our firm, we also believe it is imperative to pursue great friendships with our clients and prospective clients. Earlier this year I had the privilege of teaching the business development (BD) section of the onboarding course to our newly hired college graduates.  The
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Mentorship: Two Are Better Than One

Mentorship is an important part of any company’s culture. It plays a key role in fostering meaningful relationships within your firm that will develop, fulfill and ultimately retain top talent. A recent Forbes article by John Kotter said it this way: “The value of a mentor who can help cultivate leadership skills one-on-one in real-time, reduce the anxiety in taking big steps, and focus leaders on achieving their goals – is huge.” Mentorship has played a
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Joe-White-President of Kanakuk Kamps

Kanakuk’s Joe White on Building Something Great

The best way to take the measure of a leader is to see them in action. All the business insight and brilliant quotes mean very little if a leader doesn’t actually live it. Watching a leader genuinely love and serve people makes all the difference. Joe White fits that description. Joe is the president of Kanakuk Kamps and the founder of several other ministries including Men at the Cross, After Dark, Pure Excitement, Kanakuk Haiti,
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Friendships At Work

At the office, I have the privilege of sitting next to a great friend of mine. Jennifer Spaulding is my “cube-mate,” my counterpart on the marketing team, and a great mentor. I did not know her before I started my career at Credera but over the past year (and after countless soy chai lattes) we have developed a great friendship. Because we are advocates for each other in both our professional and personal lives, I
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Transparency Is the Best Policy

Mark Twain is quoted as saying, “Trust arrives on foot, but leaves on horseback.” Trust takes time to earn, but can be lost in an instant. At Credera, we desire to build strong, high-trust relationships with our clients and co-workers. Over time, we’ve learned transparency, honesty, and consistency are the foundation of trust in any relationship. While transparency is not an official core value at Credera, it certainly drives the way we do business and
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