Clint Bruce on Catalysts, Conviction & Curiosity

It’s difficult not to be inspired after spending time with Clint Bruce. Bruce, a decorated Naval Academy graduate, former Navy SEAL and NFL linebacker, is the founder and president of TRG, a global intelligence and advisory group headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Bruce strives to be “somewhere on the map between excellent and elite” in all he does. He was a 4 year letterwinner and captain of the most successful Naval Academy football team of the
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How Steve Grimshaw Is Reinventing The Collision Repair Experience

Steve Grimshaw was asked to join Caliber Collision as chief executive officer in September 2009. In six short years Mr. Grimshaw and his team have grown the company from 68 service centers and $280 million in revenue to 340 service centers and $1.4 billion in revenue. Needless to say, increasing the size of a company five fold in six years is challenging. Early on, Grimshaw recognized the company’s aggressive growth objectives required a different way
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True Leadership Is Servant Leadership

The definition of leadership has little to do with authority, power, or control. Instead it is about investing in others, leading by example, and putting the needs of others above your own. At Credera, leadership is not defined by a title or position. Regardless of their level, we expect every employee—from administrator to partner—to lead well.  That means serving one another, our clients, and our community with humility, integrity, and excellence. We intentionally hire and
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Aaron Graft, CEO, Triumph Bancorp Inc. on Investing in Culture

A purposefully crafted list of company values shines proudly as the centerpiece in Triumph Bancorp, Inc.’s office lobby. Rather than lifeless, framed words hanging on a wall, Triumph’s values came to life as we walked past all-glass conference rooms and smiling faces to meet with Triumph’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Graft. Triumph is a financial holding company with interests in community banking, commercial finance, and asset management. With the acquisition of several subsidiaries, Triumph has
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mountain lake

Lead People by Serving Them

As a college student I had no idea what leadership looked like. I never gave it much thought. But in the summer of 1995, while working for a sports camp in Missouri, I would find out. That lesson has shaped what Credera is today. We arrived at camp to find fallen retaining walls, dirty cabins and washed out trails. Winter had taken its toll. Our job as counselors was to spend the first two weeks
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dont just stand there

Our Philosophy: Creating an Exceptional Company Culture

Great CEOs are consistently working on improving the culture. Employees have the power to destroy or elevate the companies they work for. Talent and character find the best culture, and they are finding it faster than ever before. This is going to get ugly for bad companies. However, it is going to be very encouraging for companies doing it right. If your company is in the middle, it is time to make a decision on what kind of company you want to be. Not deciding is still a decision.
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How Everybody Wins With Clearly Defined Decision Making

When we first started Credera back in 1998 there were two equal partners. While I was president and CEO, my partner (who is no longer with the firm) had equal footing and we weren’t always on the same page. Say hello to conflict. The lack of clearly defined roles and responsibilities nearly killed our company. Your company needs to have a clearly defined decision-making process. It needs to be clear to everyone what role has
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