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DEFENDERS Grows Leaders With Intention

Founded in 1998, DEFENDERS (formerly DEFENDER Direct) began as a one-man-show run out of Dave Lindsey’s extra bedroom. Today, it is the largest authorized dealer for ADT Home Security systems in the United States with nearly 2,000 employees. We spoke with Dave Lindsey, Chairman and Founder, of DEFENDERS, to find out how he developed DEFENDERS’ positive, generous culture. Maintaining a positive culture in an organization with a large sales force is a challenge.  We were
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Generosity Is Contagious

Generous people are my favorite people to work with. They tend to be others-focused and make great servant leaders. They are often the most patient and helpful of teammates. My co-worker Sarah is always busy. She juggles several important internal responsibilities and has a seemingly never-ending and lengthy to-do list. Despite her workload, she is eager to help when someone stops by her office. Rather than moving them along quickly, she is generous with her
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Give Generously

I love the generous nature of people at Credera. Our people are givers. It’s a big deal and it’s part of our culture. If you have never worked around givers this might not make sense to you. You might think we’re delusional. To us generosity means the investment of time, talent and resources into the lives of others. This could be an investment in a colleague, a client or a community organization. It’s looking beyond
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