Joe-White-President of Kanakuk Kamps

Kanakuk’s Joe White on Building Something Great

The best way to take the measure of a leader is to see them in action. All the business insight and brilliant quotes mean very little if a leader doesn’t actually live it. Watching a leader genuinely love and serve people makes all the difference. Joe White fits that description. Joe is the president of Kanakuk Kamps and the founder of several other ministries including Men at the Cross, After Dark, Pure Excitement, Kanakuk Haiti,
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Aaron Graft, CEO, Triumph Bancorp Inc. on Investing in Culture

A purposefully crafted list of company values shines proudly as the centerpiece in Triumph Bancorp, Inc.’s office lobby. Rather than lifeless, framed words hanging on a wall, Triumph’s values came to life as we walked past all-glass conference rooms and smiling faces to meet with Triumph’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Graft. Triumph is a financial holding company with interests in community banking, commercial finance, and asset management. With the acquisition of several subsidiaries, Triumph has
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Forging Unity

Successful leadership requires unity. When leaders are united, the results are amazing, but this doesn’t happen without hard work. Unity is developed over time by demonstrating consistent trustworthy behavior. When roadblocks arise that threaten the unity of a team, it is critical to address the issues. We’ve learned this lesson countless times. It is much easier to maintain unity when we do not allow conflict to fester or issues to build up. We must be
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Friendships At Work

At the office, I have the privilege of sitting next to a great friend of mine. Jennifer Spaulding is my “cube-mate,” my counterpart on the marketing team, and a great mentor. I did not know her before I started my career at Credera but over the past year (and after countless soy chai lattes) we have developed a great friendship. Because we are advocates for each other in both our professional and personal lives, I
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benches in the fall

Give Generously

I love the generous nature of people at Credera. Our people are givers. It’s a big deal and it’s part of our culture. If you have never worked around givers this might not make sense to you. You might think we’re delusional. To us generosity means the investment of time, talent and resources into the lives of others. This could be an investment in a colleague, a client or a community organization. It’s looking beyond
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Transparency Is the Best Policy

Mark Twain is quoted as saying, “Trust arrives on foot, but leaves on horseback.” Trust takes time to earn, but can be lost in an instant. At Credera, we desire to build strong, high-trust relationships with our clients and co-workers. Over time, we’ve learned transparency, honesty, and consistency are the foundation of trust in any relationship. While transparency is not an official core value at Credera, it certainly drives the way we do business and
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mountain lake

Lead People by Serving Them

As a college student I had no idea what leadership looked like. I never gave it much thought. But in the summer of 1995, while working for a sports camp in Missouri, I would find out. That lesson has shaped what Credera is today. We arrived at camp to find fallen retaining walls, dirty cabins and washed out trails. Winter had taken its toll. Our job as counselors was to spend the first two weeks
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mountain range

Fight For Unity in Leadership

William Wilberforce Wasn’t Alone William Wilberforce is a hero of mine. He is best known for leading the abolition of the slave trade in Britain. His work began in the 1780s and continued through the 1830s. He spent his life fighting slavery. But Wilberforce didn’t do it alone. He surrounded himself with friends and colleagues who helped shape the abolitionist movement. Thousands of hours were spent with his close friends writing legislation, debating arguments, preparing
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dont just stand there

Our Philosophy: Creating an Exceptional Company Culture

Great CEOs are consistently working on improving the culture. Employees have the power to destroy or elevate the companies they work for. Talent and character find the best culture, and they are finding it faster than ever before. This is going to get ugly for bad companies. However, it is going to be very encouraging for companies doing it right. If your company is in the middle, it is time to make a decision on what kind of company you want to be. Not deciding is still a decision.
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How Everybody Wins With Clearly Defined Decision Making

When we first started Credera back in 1998 there were two equal partners. While I was president and CEO, my partner (who is no longer with the firm) had equal footing and we weren’t always on the same page. Say hello to conflict. The lack of clearly defined roles and responsibilities nearly killed our company. Your company needs to have a clearly defined decision-making process. It needs to be clear to everyone what role has
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