People and nature. Silhouettes of two people on Pulpit Rock Preikestolen, Norway.

When To Get Help In Conflict

My business partner, Rob, and I had some days when we weren’t at our best as leaders at Credera. We both had the success of the company in mind, but we were approaching it in different ways with different ideas and it strained our relationship. There have been five or six “company ending” conversations we’ve had over the past decade. Essentially we’d come to an impasse and say something like, “I can’t work with this
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Silly partners

The Importance of Laughing Together

“A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower A few years ago, if someone were to mention the word “consultant,” the image of a stiff, buttoned-up professional with a type-A, ultra-serious personality would come to mind. Thankfully, in my experience of working with consultants, that stereotype has been shattered and replaced with a reality that is a lot more
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Businessman putting coin into the piggy bank

Destroying Unity Is Easy

The idea of an emotional bank account is real. We need deposits of encouragement to offset discouraging withdrawals. If you want to destroy your team’s unity, let those emotional bank accounts slip into the red. Many leaders are the perfect example of this. We are our own worst critics. We ponder thoughts destructive to our well-being. Our lives contribute significant value, but we forget this when we have fallen short or missed a goal. But
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Clint Bruce on Catalysts, Conviction & Curiosity

It’s difficult not to be inspired after spending time with Clint Bruce. Bruce, a decorated Naval Academy graduate, former Navy SEAL and NFL linebacker, is the founder and president of TRG, a global intelligence and advisory group headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Bruce strives to be “somewhere on the map between excellent and elite” in all he does. He was a 4 year letterwinner and captain of the most successful Naval Academy football team of the
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Invest in Friendships

At Credera, the principle of genuine friendship is woven into the fabric of our firm’s culture. We believe it is our job to help our friends. This includes our clients, our colleagues and people in our community. “When you forget about trying to sell something to someone and instead just try to help them, you actually provide much deeper value,” says Trent Sutton, Vice President, Credera. Credera creates natural pathways for employees to build strong
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home security

DEFENDERS Grows Leaders With Intention

Founded in 1998, DEFENDERS (formerly DEFENDER Direct) began as a one-man-show run out of Dave Lindsey’s extra bedroom. Today, it is the largest authorized dealer for ADT Home Security systems in the United States with nearly 2,000 employees. We spoke with Dave Lindsey, Chairman and Founder, of DEFENDERS, to find out how he developed DEFENDERS’ positive, generous culture. Maintaining a positive culture in an organization with a large sales force is a challenge.  We were
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Unity Does Not Mean Unanimous Agreement

We will not agree all the time. That’s OK. One of the challenges of building unity in your team is recognizing that unity does not mean unanimous. Unity is not a team of automatons that blindly follows every decision. Too much agreement actually means something unhealthy is going on. The wise King Solomon had a lot to say about the healthy tension that’s required in any great relationship: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man
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Clients Are Friends

The idea that “it’s all about relationships” is something that extends past the four walls of our Credera offices. Not only do we believe it is critical to build strong relationships within our firm, we also believe it is imperative to pursue great friendships with our clients and prospective clients. Earlier this year I had the privilege of teaching the business development (BD) section of the onboarding course to our newly hired college graduates.  The
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humble team

Humility Builds Unity

Unity requires a tremendous amount of humility. Humility is not thinking less of oneself. Humility is thinking of oneself less. Putting the needs of others ahead of our own because we have the best interest of others in mind. These are the people you want on your team. One of my mentors is a great example for me. His name is Kyle. Even though he is busy, when I call he picks up. If I
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How Steve Grimshaw Is Reinventing The Collision Repair Experience

Steve Grimshaw was asked to join Caliber Collision as chief executive officer in September 2009. In six short years Mr. Grimshaw and his team have grown the company from 68 service centers and $280 million in revenue to 340 service centers and $1.4 billion in revenue. Needless to say, increasing the size of a company five fold in six years is challenging. Early on, Grimshaw recognized the company’s aggressive growth objectives required a different way
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